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Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss
Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss:  First of all thanks for landing this article if you are searching for Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss Regular yoga makes you fit and healthy. Yoga can also be solved by the problem of obesity. Some postures of yoga like Weststhanasan, Ushtrasana, Dhanurasan, Bhujangasan, Vedhajahastatanasana, etc. are all beneficial in weight loss Yoga keeps you fit both physically and mentally. Yoga strengthens the body, muscles are tone and weight is also reduced. Yoga not only reduces fat deposited on the body but also makes the body flexible so that you stay healthy. By regular yoga, you also come in shape with weight loss.

Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss

Friends, thousands of methods of weight loss are described, but in all these ways, without any side effects, it is a method of providing a long-term solution, that is Yoga. And that’s why we are sharing 12 yoga exercises with you to lose weight

1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

In this yoga posture, the shape of the body becomes like a bow pulled in general, which is why it is called Dhanurasan. Dhanurasana is less fat in the stomach. It makes the exercise of all internal organs, muscles, and joints. To do this, first lie down on the stomach. Then connect both legs between each other. Turn both legs with knees. Hold the legs of a foot between the knees and the toes and hold both the legs ankles with your hands. Raise the knees, thighs, and trunk of both feet with convenience and at the convenience of the hands. Keep breathing easy In this situation, wait for a comfortable period and come back to the pre-condition.

2. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)

This seat is very effective in reducing stomach fat. This posture stabilizes all the muscles of the body. To do this, sit in front of the legs and spread the legs on the knees and lift the hands upside down and straighten the waist upwards and lift it upwards, lean forward and leave the legs Hold the forehead on the knees. Keep in mind that the knee should not turn. And try to put the elbows on the ground

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This posture is very beneficial in reducing stomach fat, making waist thin and strengthening shoulders wide and sides. It has great importance in making the body flexible and shapely. Bhujangasan is also called Cobra Pose. Because it creates a snake-like potion in a wide variety of ways to appear. To do this, lie down on the ground with the stomach. Now lift the upper part above the body’s waist with the help of both hands, but the elbows should be bent towards you. The palm is open and spread over the ground. Now move the remaining parts of the body upside-down without touching the face. For some time, stay in this posture only.

4. Poorvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose)

This posture is easy to reduce fat. It is a good posture to make the lower parts of the body and make the arms graceful. It keeps the body flexible. To do this, spread your legs across the front and sit straight. Keep in mind that the claws are connected and spinal cord should be straight. Now, keep both hands on the ground and raise the lower waist to the top. After staying in this state for a few seconds, return to the normal state.

5. Kapal Bhati (Skull Shining Breath)

Doing Kapal Bhati pranayama reduces stomach fat. To do this, sit in any posture of meditation. Put both palms on the knees in the knowledge palm. Close the eyes loose. Brush out the nostrils with a light stroke and breathe in easily by the nostrils. This is a frequency of Kapalbhati. Make a cycle of its 25 frequencies. After one cycle, practice two or three deep breaths and take another chakra. Gradually increase the number of cycles

6. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

By doing this posture the muscles are strong and fat stomach decreases. Brings flexibility in inner body parts. Gives peace to body and mind Apart from this, it stretches the knees and muscles. To do this, sit on the ground with knee and place the whole body part on the ankles. Breathe deeply and lean forward words. Keep in mind that your chest should touch the thighs, now try to touch the floor on your forehead. Stay in this state for a few seconds and come back to the same state

7. Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

The camel’s shape is made in Uprashrasan. That is why this rapture is called. If the stomach is excessive then this yoga affects your stomach, waist, chest, and arms. To do this, sit in the thunderstorm and stand on your knees. Hold the part from knees to the waist and turn the back backward and hold the legs with hands. Now bow the back of the head

8. Agnisar

This action strengthens the digestive process and makes it strong. Along with this, reducing obesity by reducing belly fat and also beneficial in constipation. This pranayama can be standing, sitting or lying down in three ways. To sit down, sitting in Siddhasan can be done by placing both hands on both knees. Stand up to it and keep your hands on the jiggles by opening the legs slightly. Stop breathing out. Then pumping of the stomach i.e. pull the stomach inside, then leave it

9. Titli Asana (Butterfly pose)

When the Butterfly Asana is done, the exchange becomes like a butterfly. Hence this asana is called butterfly asana. This yoga affects the stomach and thighs. If you have more fat on the thighs and feet, then this posture should be done. To do this, twisting both feet with knees and mixing the ponds, bring the anteroom closer to it. Hold the knees with hands and lift the knees and mix them together and press down on the ground. Do this practice 3-4 times

10. Urdhva-hastottanasana

If you want to reduce your stomach fat, then you have a very good posture. It reduces the stomach fat, waist and buttocks fat. This will make your waist thin and in the figure. It also removes the constipation problem by making the digestive system healthy. Stand up to it and open the legs slightly. Lift the fingers of the hands and lift it above the head. Remove the breath and bend the waist in the left side. Also on the other hand.

11. Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

The best place to reduce obesity is the posture of the Pannumuktan series. This series is very beneficial for the digestive system and helps to remove excess fat from the stomach, hips, and thighs, and activate energy in the lower pranic centers. This includes Uttan Padaasan, Chakra Padasan, Padacha Sankhanchanan, and Navasana. All these postures are very good to strengthen the stomach muscles (which are generally weak in obesity). Pavanmuktas should do every posture of the chain for 1 minute, and as the practice starts growing, it can be delayed more.

12. Trikonasan (The Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana helps in the back and digestive problems. To do this posture, make the right distance between your feet and stand straight. Turn your right foot slightly to the right and take your left foot to 90 degrees. Take a deep breath, turn your body on the right, turn the breath outwards, bend down from the hips, keeping the waist straight, take the right hand down to the ground and lift your left hand up in the air. Thus, keep both of your hands in one direction. Now turn your head toward the left hand. Keep this posture for 30 seconds.

Note: All the yoga here mentioned here is done under the supervision of a trained yoga trainer

Thanks for reading this article Yoga for Weight Loss | Best 12 Yoga Poses Easily Weight Loss Tell us about our article and tell us in the comment box and  Whether you are physically unhealthy or mentally, yoga is the treatment of every problem. Someone has said right that yoga will be from everyone and every disease will be treated only by yoga. Also, keep in mind that Yoga also affects only when you do it with full faith. Therefore, make regular use in the supervision of a good trainer. Be yourself well and encourage others to do yoga.


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