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What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits

What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits
What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits

What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits: First of all thanks for landing this article if you are searching for What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits Power Yoga is a type of intense yoga. There is nothing between the difference between power yoga and common yoga. Power Yoga is a common sum that can be used to reduce the weight of a vigorous fitness or, therefore, for the sum of the vinyasa-style (series of poses conducted in the sequence). Apart from this, it is also known as ‘gym yoga’, ‘Power Yoga’ is a new version of ancient yoga for a new generation of fast speeds. Power Yoga makes you sweaty. It is stimulating, pumping and relaxing at the same time. It has the effect of the best and modern day workout of yoga. And know more about Power Yoga, it is a Western concept which depends on Ashtanga Yoga. It is a fast yoga practice and sharpens your heart rate. It enhances your stamina, endurance, strength, and stability. Power Yoga is done by pushing one by one at one speed without any interval which challenges your strength. Power Yoga keeps you physically and mentally fit. At the same time, it makes you aware of your spiritual side. Let’s know the method of doing this yoga in detail

What is Power Yoga? And Power Yoga Health Benefits

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • It does not let the shape of the body deteriorate.
  • It takes a lot of time and it keeps you fit.
  • It increases the body’s stamina, strength and flexibility.
  • It is an effective posture to remove stress and depression.
  • Sweat while doing it and all the dirt goes out from the body.
  • It gives good and better results for young people aged 16 to 30.
  • Regular practice of Power Yoga increases blood circulation and increases immunity.
  • By doing this, the calories burned by the body is why it is the best Yoga for Weight loss.
  • Precautions while doing Power Yoga
  • It is not okay to practice power yoga for heart patients.
  • People with low blood pressure should avoid it.
  • This posture is harmful for pregnant women.
  • It has not seen better results in people over thirty-five years old.

Power yoga says that it enhances stamina, flexibility, mood, and mental focus. Like all physical activities, it also relieves stress and exits toxic substances through perspiration. Because it is done faster, it burns more calories than most traditional forms of yoga, so power yoga can help reduce weight.

1. Power Yoga Navasana (Boat Pose)

Boating strengthens your stomach and improves your digestion. It stimulates thy thyroid and intestines. This posture improves your self-confidence and relieves stress. To make the yacht, you should sit straight on both sides of a yoga mat and straighten it in front of you, then keep both feet straight and lift upwards. Now you make a balance of tilt towards the back slightly and keep your hands straight ahead. In this posture should be an angle of 45 degrees on the waist between your legs and upper part of the body. In this posture, you try to do some seconds (10 to 60 seconds) according to your ability.

2. Power Yoga Adho Mukha Svanasana

The inferior dog posture energizes and refreshes you. It increases your lung capacity and relieves light depression. This currency strengthens your bones to prevent osteoporosis. To do this posture, first, you stand a yoga mat and stand straight on it. Keep a slight difference between your legs. Now bent forward, keep both of your hands on the floor. Remove both legs with hands, so that your hands and spinal cord can come in a straight line. In this, there will be a 90-degree angle between your legs and chest. For the two-three minutes of the inward dog posture.

3. Power Yoga Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Ushrasana strengthens your back and shoulders. This posture improves your respiratory system. It gives relief in the lower back and strengthens your thighs. This posture works well for your overall welfare. To do this posture, first of all, put a yoga mat on your knees. Now bend your waist back from here and move you’re both hands behind. You bend the head and keep both hands on the ankles. In the case of the rift, you should wait 30 to 60 seconds.

4. Power Yoga Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Utkatas enhances your determination and tones your knee muscles. It strengthens your androids, edges, and buttocks of flexors. This posture pulls your chest and stimulates your heart. To do this posture, first, you have to sit on a yoga mat on the floor and stand straight on it. Add both of your hands over the head. Now slowly knit your knees and bring the hips down. In this situation, you will look like a chair. Do this posture for 30 to 60 seconds.

5. Power Yoga Salabhasana (Locust Pose)

Shalabhasan strengthens your upper and lowers back muscles. This currency relieves anxiety and calms your brain. This seat strengthens your arms and enhances your body’s endurance. To do this posture, you have placed a yoga mat on one place, lie down on the stomach. Keep both hands and feet straight on the floor. Now lift your torso and both feet upwards. Together, lift both hands up too. You try to stay in this currency for at least 20 seconds

6. Power Yoga Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose)

Chaturanga Dandasan enhances your core stability. It affects your brain and body. This posture enhances your stamina by strengthening your arms, legs, and wrists. To punish you, you put Yoga mats on the ground and lie down on your stomach. Put both hands on the floor ahead of your shoulders, in which your fingers are facing in front. Gradually pushing both the knees on the fingers of the feet. Take the breath in and lift the body weight on both hands. Make a 90-degree angle on the elbow of the hand. You can do this asana for 10 to 30 seconds.

7. Power Yoga Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose)

Semi-Chandrase strengthens your legs, buttocks, and spine. It spreads your hamstrings and opens your hips. Arda Chandrasan makes coordination and balance. To do this posture, you have a yoga mat on the floor and stand straight on it. Keep the right foot forward and lift the left foot while putting the body full of it. Now place the right hand on the floor and straighten the left hand to the front. In this situation, your body will be parallel to the floor. You can do this asana for 15 to 30 seconds.

Why is power yoga better?

By performing aerobics, swimming and other methods, calories burn up to 300 or 400 in 1 hour, by the same power yoga, you can burn 200 calories of the body in 1 hour. But its specialty is that it tones your body well. That too without emphasizing on any part of the body.

That is why this yoga is very good for the people. Practicing this does not have any effect on their bone and muscles. Therefore, at least three times a week, you must take power yoga three times.

Apart from this, if your weight has increased a lot, then we will tell you that power yoga has the ability to burn calories. With this, you can easily reduce fatness and give the body a fascinating shape. If those who have back pain, they do this by getting them back to the spinal cord.

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